Corruption and Terrorism: How are they Linked?

The impact of corruption in a country fuels terrorism

Examining global security concludes with a clear link between corruption and terrorism. The instability of a country allows terrorist organizations to grow stronger. The impact of corruption in a country fuels terrorism. Transparency International often discusses such agendas in meetings which involves officials from around the globe.

Countries that suffer from corruption also greatly suffer from security issues and terrorism. The world’s most conflicted countries are the perfect example of this notion. These nations have a really bad score on both the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Indexand Transparency International UK’s Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index.

Countries that suffer from corruption have stabilized anti-state organizations like ISIS and others, the reason being an increase in corruption, which results in an increase in terrorist activities. These organizations use the money earned from corruption activities like money laundering and bribery to buy arms and ammunitions.

If a country’s army is corrupt, these organizations become even more strong. In some countries, it is cheaper for a new army recruit to buy their way out of army than to buy the right gear needed for combat. These countries are usually under developed where the Ministry of Defense does not have enough finances to buy the required supplies. Where do the finances go? One may ask. The answer is one and simple: corruption!

When a government sets aside a budget for specific departments and activities, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats misuse these finances. Widespread corruptions in under-developed and developing nations have massive negative impacts. These impacts create a chain reaction that affects all – from the top level officials to even the clerks.

Department of health, schooling and defense all get affected, resulting in the younger generation to lose their way and become corrupt and criminals themselves. The budgets allocated to health and hospital development also go in the wrong hands. This creates a bad condition for hospitals where patients do not receive the treatment they need.

When a person does not get the right treatment and fights for their life, the family members are bound to use illegal ways to try and save the life of their beloved. This increases corruption activities overall. The people of the nation are the most affected by such injustice.

How is corruption and terrorism actually linked?

When the people of a nation see their government leaders using the wealth unfairly and not being able to deliver the services they are supposed to provide – people get angry. The people then resort to other powerful bodies for protection. These protective bodies are not formed legally. These are organized criminals with criminal background. This creates a sense of inequality among the masses when only a few have access to these bodies and others don’t.

Having such a powerful criminal organization is bound to create a sense of self satisfaction in the minds of the people. This is all the result of frustration that was created by the injustice faced by the government.

Secret companies are used by patrons for transferring illegal funds to finance and show support to organized crime and terrorist groups. An example for such illegal transfer of funds is Hezbollah and Al Qaeda setting up tow charitable as fronts in South Africa.

Keeping in view these terrorists activities, banks must not set up barriers in other charitable organizations for funds transfers. Only the charitable organizations that genuinely work for public wellbeing should be allowed these activities.

Banks play an important role in setting up a barrier against such criminal activities. They should be able to distinguish between illegal and legal financial activities. There are many software programs that can help banks distinguish from right and wrong. Other detailed information will also help banks to put a stop to such remittances and funds.

The export on arms should have a back check by the government and agencies. The controls on the export should be strong and tracked with vigilance. If these controls are weak, these arms may end up in the wrong hands. Most weapons ending up in the black market were actually exported for a specific purpose. These weapons can be trafficked and used for terrorist attacks.

Bribery can allow access to terrorists in other countries. Illegal immigration with fake visa and passport can be made by bribing officials. This gives terrorists access to buildings where they conduct illegal activities and plan terrorists attacks.

A country where there’s no accountability is less secure. The involvement of international defense operations and not taking corruption and terrorism into account can aggravate the problem. Once officials acknowledge the fact that corruption does in fact contributes to terrorism, appropriate measures can be taken. The more transparent the officials are – the better solutions will be devised. Private companies should also be involved and held accountable for corruption.

In developing, underdeveloped and unstable nations, donor states can take a few precautions that would put a stop to terrorism and corruption. States that donate funds and other assistance must clearly and openly state in legal documents the intention of the donations. Donor countries should also keep a check on how their donations are being used. Keeping a track can eliminate so many criminal activities.

The civil society will be able to keep a check on themselves and monitor the progress in their country. The security assistance provided by donor states in the form of security forces can help these underprivileged people in creating a more stable and safer country.

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